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Structural Repairs

Timberwise are not only experts in providing property owners with damp proofing and timber treatments but we are also able to provide a range of structural repairs to keep your property in tip-top condition. We are specialists in structural repairs and as such are ideally placed to provide you with cost-effective and non-intrusive solutions.

Structural repairs are one area of property maintenance that should not go unchecked. The longer problems are left the greater the risk to further damage to the property. Using the latest techniques, we are able to offer a range of repair solutions to suit the nature of the problem and the construction of the property. So be it a cavity wall tie replacement, replacing damaged timbers or a complicated crack stitching repair Timberwise are there for you and your property with our range of HeliTek Masonry Solutions.


Accredited to

Martin Wilkinson

Remedial Surveyor and Waterproofing Design Specialist CSRT CSSW
North East

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For more information on structural repairs available, choose from one of the following options:

Cavity Wall Ties

Wall Stabilisation

Our team are experts in their field and are able to offer a complete structural repair service from initial consultation and diagnosis of the problem through to design and implementation of the repair.

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Replacing Timber Beam

Timber Repairs

We have been using timber resin repair systems for many years and work closely with leading timber repair system manufacturers, such as Rotafix, to ensure we are kept abreast of any technology updates.

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To request a survey today, call 0800 288 8660 or