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Timber Repairs

Techniques For Repairing Damaged Timber

Structural timber repairs have always been thought of as an expensive and lengthy operation. From small timber repairs in domestic properties to replacing larger beams as part of barn conversions – if a new piece of timber could not be spliced or bolted on to the existing the whole piece of damaged timber would have to be removed – often leading to costly structural repairs.

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A commonly asked question is “What Causes Timber To Rot?” In the main the number one culprit for rotten timbers is dampness (which can also lead to fungal decay in the form of dry rot or wet rot). Fungal decay can often to lead to extensive and destructive repair works to replace the damaged timber.

LignaTek: Repairing Damaged Timbers The Timberwise Way!

As our company name suggests, when it comes to repairing damaged timbers we are the number one name to know! Within our LignaTek range we have a range of timber repair systems that can cover the following:

  • Timber resin repairs / splices
  • Repairing carrier beams
  • Repairing damaged joist ends
  • Treating damaged joist ends
  • Strengthening beams

About LignaTek Timber Resin Repair Systems

We have been using timber resin repair systems for many years and work closely with leading timber repair system manufacturers, such as Rotafix, to ensure we are kept abreast of any technology updates. The use of timber resins includes the insertion of unseen reinforcement bars, pouring a resin into shuttering to match existing timbers, graining and staining of the resin to match any existing timbers, using grouting resins in any small cracks and ultimately increasing the load bearing capacity of the existing timber.

The benefits of using timber resin are far reaching. The use of resin repairs can speed up repair times and as a result save money as well as providing a repair that is stronger than the original wood!

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