Kevin Fieldhouse

Remedial Surveyor CRDS CTIS CSRT

Hi, I’m Kevin!

Here is what you need to know about me.

Prior to coming into the property preservation industry, I worked for several years as a joiner. I have now spent over twenty years working in the remedial industry (over seventeen of them working at Timberwise!)I am a fully qualified Certificated Surveyor in Remedial Treatments (CSRT) and a senior surveyor responsible for surveying and development in the Yorkshire area.
Kevin is also a basement waterproofing specialist having completed thorough training at both the School of Waterproofing and in-house.

Having carried out many remedial and waterproofing installations with my own hands, I have a unique and genuine understanding of the problems and the solutions faced in caring for the property. I have consulted with over 10,000 clients on remedial and waterproofing solutions.In the last ten years, I have been a regular member of the company’s Top Club for excellence and have won several Top Surveyor awards.

I am a trusted and valued member of the Timberwise team and uphold all the standards of the company.

When not in the office

When I’m not busy caring for buildings, I can be found walking, mountain biking or indulging in my passion for travel.

0113 209 3012