Timberwise Surveyor - Simon Lockyer

Simon Lockyer

Remedial Surveyor and Waterproofing Design Specialist CSRT CSSW


Born and Raised in Southampton, I began my career in preservation in 2011 where I initially worked for a small local company as a technician/trainee surveyor before finally progressing to a Preservation Surveyor. Following this, I moved to work for one of the largest Housing associations in the south coast as an Environmental Surveyor. From my experience, I have learnt the true craftsmanship and pride in your work needed to becoming a reputable technician. From surveying, I have learnt the importance of developing a customer-centric approach whilst showing initiative to rectify specific customer requirements.

I thoroughly enjoy my job at Timberwise and pride myself on been a trusted and valued member of the Timberwise Team upholding all the standards of the company.

When not in the office

In my spare time, I like to follow Japanese performance cars and enjoy days out fresh water fishing.