How We Treat Wet Rot

When treating wet rot the main priority is to stop the source of moisture and to dry out any surrounding areas of the infestation. In doing so will prevent the regeneration of rot for the future. The eradication procedure of wet rot is dependent on the severity of the issue. In most cases minimal areas of infected timber will need to be cut out, replaced and potentially sprayed with a fungicidal treatment.

In more serious circumstances, where the structural timber of a property has been significantly weakened, the recommendation of a wet rot specialist is advisable as large amounts of infected timber may need to be replaced to ensure the structural integrity of your property is safe for you and your family.

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Timberwise have over 4 decades of experience in wet rot treatment. Our fully trained and experienced surveyors will identify the type, and the extent, of any decay and will produce a suitable specification for the treatment and eradication of the problem. This will be furthered by a 20 year guarantee for the work carried out giving you the peace of mind and reassurance that your property is in the safest of hands.

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Wet Rot Surveyors

Our trained surveyors and technicians will:

  • Identify the nature, type and extent of the decay
  • Determine the cause, finding the source of moisture and drying out the surrounding area
  • Propose the cure for the rot with full specification and method statement for the rot treatments
  • Where timber affected by wet rot has lost its strength timber would have to be removed and replaced
  • Advise what additional steps (if any) are required to safeguard the property

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If you are concerned about the possibility of a wet rot infestation in your property, or to request a survey online, do not hesitate to get in touch with Timberwise.

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