What is Wet Rot?

To put it into simple terms, wet rot is wood that is decaying as a result of there is high moisture levels present. The term Wet rot is uded to cover a many forms of wood rotting. The most common of these been cellar fungus (or to give it its technical name Coniophora puteana) Cellar fungus will break down the structure wood by feeding on the timber.
Compared to dry rot, wet rot is not as destructive, however, if it is left to its own devices for a sustained period of time it can cause severe structural damage.
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The Causes of Wet Rot

As the name suggests wet rot affects wood that is wet – it really is that simple! Wood that is exposed to high levels of moisture provides the ideal breeding ground for wet rot spores to multiply. The source of the moisture could be from various sources including:

  1. Broke water pipes
  2. A leaking roof
  3. Defective seals on baths and showers
  4. Badly plumbed in dishwashers and washing machines

In fact, anywhere there is water in the house could potentially be the source of a wet rot problem if the water has been in long-term contact with the wood.

How do I Identify Wet Rot?

Check out our “how to identify wet rot page” to understand what factors to look out for when identifying a potential wet rot outbreak in your property.

Pictures of What Wet Rot Looks Like

Wet Rot Under Floor BoardSign of wet rotWet rot decay

Need Further Information about Wet Rot?

Wet rot can be difficult to identify and can also be misdiagnosed with dry rot so it is important to contact an expert to inspect the property and diagnose the problem correctly. Click on the links below to find out more information about wet rot and dry rot.

What Causes Wet Rot? – Finding the root cause of wet rot is important in making sure the issue doesn’t persist.

A common question that is asked by our customers is “What are the differences between wet rot and dry rot?

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Having wet rot in property can potentially be damaging to the timbers in your property. At Timberwise we recommend contacting a timber expert to make sure the issue is correctly diagnosed and the correct remediation carried out.

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