Free Damp Surveys For Homeowners

Limited Time offer wordingFor a limited period only we are offering our specialist timber and damp surveys to homeowners with no survey fees attached (T&Cs apply).

Damp Proofing is a general term used to describe methods and treatments of controlling moisture that has built up within walls and floors into the interior of the property.

At Timberwise, our damp specialists have tackled damp and timber problems for over fifty years, from the failure of a damp proof course (DPC) to high levels of water ingress and every other type of dampness in between.

It may come as no real surprise that dampness in properties is one of the most frequent problems encountered by property owners in the UK. It is essential that the correct damp proofing solutions are used to stop the damp problems affecting your property.

If damp is present on walls or floors that are not treated in your property this may lead to severe structural damage. It is important to identify the damp issue as soon as possible so any future damage can be prevented.

How to Arrange Your FREE Survey?

To arrange a Free survey simply complete the form on this page and one of the team will get in touch to arrange a convenient date with you.

Terms and conditions:

1) The free survey offer is available on surveys for damp and timber related issues. (Excluding Condensation and Property Health Checks) Other surveys are at the discretion of Timberwise. 2) The offer is open to domestic owner occupiers only and must not be used in conjunction with any other offers. 3) To receive a free survey the survey request must be submitted through the survey request form on this page. 4) We reserve the right to vary or terminate the offer at any time without notice. 5) Timberwise Quotations are only valid for a 28 day period following the date of issue. Quotations older than 28 days may be subject to a re-survey. 6) Timberwise standard terms and conditions apply.

What to Expect from a Timberwise Damp Survey

Our Qualified Surveyors will:

  • Identify the type of damp issue within the property
  • Investigate the causes of damp by determining the source of moisture
  • Analyse the existing damp proof course or inspect any problems with the building structure
  • Look out for potential future problems caused as a result of damp
  • Provide an initial brief of what damp treatments might be needed in the property
  • Compile a written report detailing the issues along with what works need carrying out

Timberwise’s Certificated Surveyors

If you do not know a lot about the issues you are experiencing it can be difficult to gauge if your surveyor has enough understanding and experience. At Timberwise, our surveyors undergo thorough training to gain either a recognised CSRT or CSSW qualification.

A Certificated Surveyor in Remedial Treatment (CSRT) will be efficient and know how to complete the job effectively as they have the knowledge and understanding that is required.

Arranging Damp Survey From Our Damp Specialists

All damp proofing projects are different and the best way to ensure your property remains safe is to arrange a survey with one of our damp proofing experts.

Having a damp proofing specialist will be able to provide advice on the causes of the damp problem and how to stop it from causing serious issues such as wood rot.

Timberwise has over 5 decades of experience in identifying and providing solutions to damp using techniques such as a damp proof course. From the small terraced house through to large commercial projects Timberwise have a solution to match.

You can contact our damp specialists on 0800 019 0458 or request a survey online where our specialist’s team will then contact you to arrange a convenient time to visit.

Our surveyor will visit the property, access structural timbers and provide you with any recommendations regarding future remedial treatments if needed. The details of the solution and your quotation will be provided in a written report.