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Timberwise is one of the leading damp proofing specialists in Nottingham and we carry out professional damp surveys to prevent and treat rising damp, condensation, penetrating damp effectively and efficiently. We also provide treatments for timber-related issues such as woodworm and dry rot.

Treating damp issues in your Nottingham property should be carried out by a specialist in the damp and timber industry. Our surveyors are fully certified in providing remedial treatment and structural waterproofing, giving you the satisfaction that all our surveyors in the Nottinghamshire area will provide honest and expert advice.

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    Nottingham surveyor greeting a homeowner at the door

    Nottingham damp surveyor greeting a homeowner at the door

Rising Damp in Nottingham

Rising damp can occur at your property when your building has no damp protection such as a damp proof course (DPC).

Older properties are most vulnerable to rising damp as damp proof courses may become damaged over time. This would mean a new barrier will need to be put in place to protect your property.

The main signs for rising damp to occur include:

  • Black mould on the walls
  • The plaster will peel away and start to bubble
  • The damp patch will appear to be horizontally brown and be 1 metre in height

    Rising damp present on walls in Nottingham property

    Rising damp present on walls in Nottingham property

Damp is a concern for many property owners located in the Nottingham area and we have a number of damp proofing experts to treat damp problems and also prevent any structural damages from occurring in the future.

Penetrating Damp in Nottingham

Penetrating damp is a form of damp that is caused by poor maintenance of the property. Examples of poor maintenance can be from blocked guttering, broken drain pipes, weak roofing and much more.

Having these problems at your property can allow for rainwater to access the fabric of the building.

To spot signs of penetrating damp you will see the following:

  • Black mould on the wall
  • Dampness on timber which can form into dry rot
  • Musty damp smell
  • Watermarks on the internal walls
Signs of penetrating damp at a property in Nottingham

Signs of penetrating damp at a property in Nottingham

Condensation affecting your Property

Of all of the forms of damp condensation is the most frequent and is a result of poor ventilation in the home. The most revealing signs of condensation is having black spot mould on the walls and if the windows, floors and walls feel cold to touch.

If left untreated for a period of time serious damage can be caused by dry rot. This can increase the cost of the treatment but also have an effect on your health.

For more information about how damp can affect your home check out Nottingham City Homes website.

How Damp Proofing Services in Nottingham is Carrying Out By Team

If your property is suffering any of the damp problems described above, then having one of our damp specialists in Nottingham is important to make sure the correct treatment is applied.

The surveyor will conduct an in-depth damp survey and will then provide a report detailing the type of problem, and information on the damp proofing solutions that need to be carried out. For treating rising damp for example, a damp proof course may be needed to be injected into the wall of the building.

Technician installing damp proof course in Nottingham building

Technician installing damp proof course at a building in Nottingham

Depending on the property an electro osmosis system may need to be installed if the property was constructed from stone but if the property was constructed from brickwork then pressure injection would need to be added by a technician.

Solutions To Treating Woodworm

Woodworm which is also known as wood-boring beetles can cause serious issues to your property in Nottingham. This type of beetle attacks wooden beams which can cause structural failures to your timbers.

Spotting the early signs of woodworm is essential to the qualified surveyor to identify the type of woodworm beetle and the size of the woodworm infestation. This can then allow the surveyor to provide the most effective treatment to eliminate the insect before it spreads throughout the property.


Solutions for Treating Dry Rot

For dry rot occur, there needs to a minimum of 20% moisture content to start affecting your property. Dry rot is often mistaken with wet rot however, there are differences.

Wet Rot needs high moisture content over 50% to be a problem and often caused by damaged rainwater goods. Our team provides a full diagnosis to identify the type of rot and will advise and the best course of treatment to prevent further damage.

How We Carry Out Nottingham Timber and Damp Surveys

When buying a property in the Nottinghamshire area you may be asked by the estate agent to provide a damp and timber report. We provide damp and timber surveys to inspect for any timber and damp issues that may be occurring at the property you are looking to purchase.

Nottingham surveyor inspecting property for damp and timber issues

Nottingham surveyor inspecting a property for damp and timber issues

If you book a survey from our Timberwise team our surveyors will provide a full inspection for both the interior and exterior areas of the building. If damp and timber problems have been found at the property then this will be explained in the timber and damp report.

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Having timber and damp issues in your property can be a real problem as a property owner located in the Nottingham area. Our Nottingham damp proofing specialists will ensure the work carried out will be completely stress free.

When you book a damp survey, our specialist team of surveyors will provide expert advice on the most effective treatment to get rid of damp, dry rot or woodworm problems your property is facing.

For peace of mind that your problem is rectified, we have a number of accreditations such as Which? Trusted Trader, Basement Waterproofing Association, Checkatrade and many more.

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If you would like to get in touch with our team you can simply fill in the form at the top of the page to request a survey online or call 0115 901 7020.

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