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If timber and damp issues are causing problems in your property in the North East or Yorkshire then it is important to contact your local qualified property care specialist Timberwise. Our Leeds branch is our main office for the North East and Yorkshire regions but we have surveyors and technicians covering a wide range of areas to treat all your property care problems.

We cover all locations across Durham, Northumberland, Tyne and Wear and Yorkshire and many more.

Click the links below for more information about the specific areas we cover in the North East and the Yorkshire areas or use our postcode lookup tool:

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North Yorkshire, East Yorkshire and West Yorkshire

Woodworm and Damp Specialist in Leeds
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North Yorkshire and areas around Harrogate

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South Yorkshire and Derbyshire.

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North East, Newcastle, Gateshead, Washington, Sunderland

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North East Area

The North East area is home to 3 cities in the region and are Newcastle Upon Tyne, Sunderland and Durham and has a total population of 2,597,000. The annual weather for the area has an oceanic climate which means that the months during the Summer and Winter are mild rather than having peaks of extremely hot or cold weather. The average rainfall for the region is relatively lower compared to the rest of England but there are periods of wet weather that can be problematic to your building.

Timber and Damp Specialists in North East and Yorkshire


Dampness is the most common property care problem that can affect your property in the North East and Yorkshire. There are three forms of damp:

  • Rising Damp
  • Condensation
  • Penetrating Damp

All these forms of damp have a number of signs that you can look out for. Condensation, for example, will have black spot mould on the wall and there will be a damp musty smell. One of the main signs of rising damp is there will be a tide mark left on the inner walls of your property. Penetrating damp can be identified by the presence of watermarks on the masonry. Penetrating damp can develop into further issues such as timber decay.

Dry Rot

Dry rot and wet rot starts to germinate on timber when the moisture content is over 20%. This property care problem can cause serious damage to the structural integrity of your property. Dry rot and wet rot are often confused with each other however, there are a number of steps that need to be undertaken to identify the type of wood rotting issue you might have in your property. We recommend that you get in touch with a specialist to make sure this type of property care problem is treated correctly.


Woodworm is a problem care problem that is also caused by dampness and there are many forms of woodworm beetles that affect your home. Wood boring insects eat away the timber and after their life cycle will leave the surface of the wood and leave an exit hole. The level of damage from the woodworm is dependent on the type of beetle it is and the level of infestation that is affecting your property. The types of woodworm beetles are:

  • Common Furniture Beelte
  • Death Watch Beetle
  • Woodboring Weevils
  • Powder Post Beetle
  • House Longhorn Beetle

At Timberwise, our damp proofing specialists in the North East and Yorkshire area are fully qualified timber and damp experts. Timberwise are members of the PCA (Property Care Association), Which? Trusted Trader and Basement Waterproofing Association accreditated. This ensures that you and your property will be fully treated from any timber and damp issues. If you would like some helpful advice on how to treat your property care issue or if you would like to a book survey with our team then fill in the form below.