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If you are in need of a reliable damp proofing company in Cheshire, then you can rely on Timberwise. With over fifty years of experience in the property care industry we are well equipped to help you eliminate rising damp, penetrating damp, condensation, and other timber related issues such as woodworm, dry rot and wet rot.

Our team of friendly, local experts will be able to provide the very best in damp proofing and property care services, all you need to do is get in touch.

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How Our Cheshire Damp Proofing Surveyors Provide Treatment

Damp is a common problem in Cheshire, and the only sure-fire way to make sure it’s removed from your property is by having a damp proofing specialist provide treatment.

The first step in any property care solution though is to identify the issue, and that means arranging a property survey. These are the different types of damp that the surveyor might discover when visiting your property:


Condensation is the most common form of damp found in Cheshire properties. The main cause of condensation is a lack of ventilation.

A lack of ventilation can happen in any room, and condensation can be particularly bad in rooms with a high level of warm air – bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms for example.

Condensation found in Cheshire property

Condensation found in Cheshire property

The signs of condensation are fairly easy to spot: damp musty smells, black spot mould, and tell-tale droplets of moisture on windows and surfaces.

Rising Damp

Rising damp occurs mainly in older properties, due to the damp protection becoming damaged or indeed non-existent. Rising damp is the process of groundwater finding its way up into the walls and other building materials comprising a property as a result of moisture moving upwards through capillary action.

Cheshire technician installing damp proofing

Cheshire technician installing damp proofing

Our surveyor will be able to tell if rising damp is behind your properties damp issues thanks to the tell-tale signs that rising damp leaves. These include damp patches on the walls up to about one metre off of the ground, and plaster crumbling off on interior walls.

The main damp proofing method for protecting your home from rising damp is a damp proof course, which our team can install if needed.

Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp is a damp problem caused by poor maintenance of the property itself. This can be from damaged rainwater goods, blocked gutters, or clogged drains. Penetrating damp can cause significant damage to your building, from black mould to dry rot, should you not have the penetrating damp treated.

penetrating damp signs

Penetrating damp is unlike rising damp in that the moisture moves horizontally through the properties walls rather than vertically.

Work Carried Out by Timberwise Cheshire Team

We take pride in the work we do at Timberwise, and we are always happy to provide examples of how our efforts have improved properties in your local area. For example, our Cheshire team were called to look at a collection of estate buildings that come together to form a cycle museum, on Walton Hall Estate near Warrington.

First, a survey from our Cheshire based damp and timber experts identified that water damage had occurred in the buildings, thanks to defects such as damaged rainwater goods, missing roof slates, and damaged roof flashing. All of this meant that the water damage that had occurred had damaged the roof timbers.

Wet rot was also discovered, with the wet rot fungus causing further structural breakdown in the timber at the property, made even worse by the addition of the woodworm we also discovered!

The solution put forward and carried out by our team was to strip out the existing damaged roof and completely renew it, combined with a woodworm treatment to restore the property to a safe and stable condition.

This is just one of many projects that Timberwise has carried out during its fifty plus years in the property care industry. Read more of our case studies here.

Damp and Timber Solutions from Our Cheshire Team

The Timberwise Cheshire team offer a range of different property care solutions, with different options available to combat rising damp including the injection of a damp proof course or electro osmotic damp proofing.

When it comes to woodworm, our technicians use an insecticide that is applied to the timber directly, which becomes absorbed into the wood and kills the woodworm as they exit the bore holes in the affected wood.

Contact the Damp Specialists in Cheshire

Our team of damp proofing specialists in Cheshire are on hand to help treat any damp issues or property care problems that might be effecting your property.

We recommend that you arrange a survey with Timberwise to ensure that a full inspection of the property is carried out.

Our surveyors are fully qualified by the PCA in damp and timber treatment, and waterproofing, so you can be left assured that the work carried out will be provided to the highest possible standard.

You can contact our team by calling us on 01606 569 122 or request a survey online and we will be in touch with you to talk through any queries you might have.

Our damp proofing specialists in Cheshire are on hand to treat any of the damp issues that are affecting the property. We recommend that you request a damp survey with Timberwise, to ensure that a full inspection is carried out at the property.

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Damp and Timber issues? call us on 01606 569 122 or

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