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At Timberwise we have a number of damp proofing specialists in Edinburgh to provide the very best treatments to get rid of problems like rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation. Our expert team are also fully trained in treating timber-related issues as well such as woodworm, dry rot and wet rot.

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Why Is Damp Common in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland and is the second-most populous city in Scotland. The population of Edinburgh is estimated at 506,520 and is home to famous landmarks such as the Edinburgh Castle.

Edinburgh has common to a significant amount of rainfall and even during the driest months of the year, there can still be a lot of rain. When there is a lot of rainfall, damp problems can occur from this.

Heavy rainfall itself doesn’t cause dampness in houses but if the property has structural problems or no efficient damp treatment already in place, then this is where issues can start to arise.

How Our Edinburgh Specialists Carry Out Damp Proofing

It is always best to prevent the damp problem from occurring in your property in Edinburgh but if your property is already suffering from dampness, then the best option is to contact a qualified damp specialist to conduct a survey.

The damp problems that can occur will be one of the following: rising damp, penetrating damp or condensation. All issues require different forms of treatment meaning the cost of treatment will also differ as well.

What Does A Damp Survey Involve?

A damp survey will involve the surveyor investigating all areas of the property including; the loft and basement. Once the surveyor has carried out the inspection they will then compile a written report which will include the following:

  • What is causing the dampness?
  • What form of damp proofing is necessary?
  • What is the cost of damp treatment?
  • How to prevent dampness from occurring again?

Once you have agreed on the cost of the treatments made by the surveyor, then the works can then be carried out.

The Types of Damp Treatments Involved

Rising Damp Treatment

Rising damp is an issue commonly encountered within older properties. You will find that this is caused by the existing protection against damp within the property, the damp proof course (DPC), failing, leaving the property vulnerable to rising damp.

Rising damp occurs when moisture within the ground that the property resides on travels upwards through the brickwork into the structure of the property via capillary action. It is easily remedied via having a DPC installed.

Penetrating Damp Treatment

Penetrating damp is the onset of damp as a result of poor property maintenance. As we mentioned earlier heavy rainfall is common in Edinburgh which means anything from damaged pipes to blocked gutters are vulnerable to allowing rainwater to penetrate its way through the walls of the building.

Penetrating damp can cause all kinds of serious issues for a property, especially if that property is older or made of a particularly vulnerable material such as sandstone. Make sure you have your property treated swiftly by the experts if you suspect penetrating damp in your property.

Condensation Control

Condensation is one of the most common forms of damp encountered by property owners across the UK. The primary cause of condensation is usually found to be a lack of ventilation within the property itself.

Usually, property owners who encounter issues with condensation find it present in kitchens, bathrooms, or bedrooms – generally rooms with a lot of warm moist air.

In fact, condensation is a problem in any room where the temperature is high, and moisture is present. Musty smells, Black spot mould, and condensation on windowpanes are all tell tale signs of condensation based damp in a property.

Dry Rot Issues In Properties

Dry rot is a property care problem that all homeowners in Edinburgh dread seeing in their building, this is mainly because it can cause significant damage to any type of property.

The reason why dry rot is such a problem is due to how quickly it spreads onto other areas of the property. If dry rot is attacking timber that provides structural stability for the building, then this increases the risk of the building potentially collapsing.

We recommend having a qualified dry rot specialist carry out a full in-depth survey at your property, as soon as possible, to not only ensure that correct treatment is used, but also to make sure it is not misdiagnosed with wet rot.

On a number of occasions, we have had customers contact us because their dry rot problem was misdiagnosed with wet rot by an unqualified surveyor.

This has meant that as a result of an incorrect diagnosis and therefore incorrect treatments, the dry rot problem has not only remained and caused severe damage to the property but also has meant the customer has had to incur increased costs to fix the problem.

If you would like further information about what dry rot treatments, we provide, or would like to book a survey with one of our qualified surveyors then contact us online.

How Our Edinburgh Based Damp Proofing Specialists Carry Out Surveys

If your property in Edinburgh is suffering from damp and timber issues, then you will need a survey carried out by a qualified specialist. A timber and damp survey will involve the surveyor inspecting all areas of the building including the loft and underneath the floorboards (if necessary).

Once all the checks have been made by the surveyor, he or she will produce a detailed report which will explain what type of damp and timber problem you are facing, what type of treatment is needed to fix the problem and the costs for the works to be carried out.

Why Choose the Timberwise Team in Edinburgh?

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Edinburgh is a city with a rich history, reflected in the buildings and properties that line the streets. Combined with the high level of rain and snow that Edinburgh is subjected to on a yearly basis, there is a high chance your property will need damp proofing during your ownership. Luckily, the Timberwise team have experience with buildings old and new, listed, and otherwise.

Here at Timberwise, our surveyors in Edinburgh are fully qualified by the Property Care Association, giving you the reassurance that our team will provide expert advice on what are the most efficient treatments to deal with your damp and timber related problems.

Our aim is to provide a high quality service for all of our customers throughout the entire process. We offer long term guarantees so you can expect your property to not only be treated from damp and timber problems but protected for many years. Don’t just take our word for it but see what our customer’s say on our reviews page.

What Areas of Edinburgh Do Our Team Covers?

We have a number of highly skilled professionals based in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas to provide damp, dry rot, woodworm treatments for your property. We have surveyors and technicians local in your area, so if you are suffering from severe property care problems our team will be on hand to inspect your property as soon as possible.

Our property care experts cover Edinburgh and the following areas: Bathgate, Dalkeith, Edinburgh, Falkirk, Hamarket, Holyrood, Leith, Livingston, Motherwell, Murrayfield, Old Town

If the area listed above is not covered then don’t worry, you still get in touch with our team and our customer services team will let you know if a surveyor can carry out a survey at your property.

Contact Our Damp and Timber Specialists in Edinburgh

Our team of damp proofing and property care experts in Edinburgh are ready and waiting to take your call or email, and get to the bottom of your issues.

We fully recommend that you request a damp or property survey with Timberwise to make sure that your property care issue is explored to its fullest, and that following a complete inspection a comprehensive and achievable solution is found and recommended to you by our Scottish team.

All of our surveyors are fully accredited and qualified by the PCA in damp treatment, timber treatment, and waterproofing, meaning that you can have peace of mind the work will be carried out to the highest possible standard, and that is a guarantee is in place on any work we complete.

Get in touch with our Edinburgh team by calling 0131 278 3583, or by requesting a survey online. Our team of Scottish surveyors will be in touch with you to arrange a survey at your convenience, and talk through any other questions or queries that you might have.

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