Damp Proofing, Dry Rot and Woodworm Treatment in Prestonpans

Damp, dry rot and woodworm are all common problems for homeowners in Prestonpans, and the surrounding area. We have a number of different damp proofing, woodworm, and dry rot treatments all designed to provide a complete solution to any potential property care or damp problems you might have at your property.

Timberwise is a family owned and operated company, with accreditations from the Property Care Association (the PCA), Which? Trusted Traders, CHAS, Checkatrade, Construction Line, TrustMark, Safe Contractor, and many more.

Every surveyor that we employ is fully qualified, with comprehensive knowledge on the property care issues they inspect, ensuring that any work done will be carried out to the highest possible standards.

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Damp Proofing Your Property in Prestonpans

It doesn’t matter if you own a property with a blue plaque on the door steeped in history, or an entirely new build – damp can affect any kind of building in various ways. Our Prestonpans team are ready to help identify and rectify any damp problems you might have, whether it be suffering from flooding, condensation or other forms of damp.

Our team can also determine if your property is without damp proofing, and in need of it being installed. Inadequate or non existent damp proofing can leave your property vulnerable to condensation, rising damp, and penetrating damp.

Signs of Damp to Look Out For

An example of what rising damp might look like


The signs of damp in a property vary, depending mainly on the type of property, the type of damp setting into your property, and what material the damp is setting into.

What makes diagnosing the type and severity of damp in your property difficult is that to an inexperienced person, signs of damp might all look the same, even if they are pointing to separate types of damp causing the problem.

To make sure that you get an accurate diagnosis of the damp in your property, you should request a survey from a member of the Prestonpans team. Once our surveyor has correctly identified the type of damp that your property is suffering from, we can decide on the correct course of action to getting rid of your damp problem once and for all.

What major signs should you be looking for as an indication that you might have a damp problem though?

  • Crumbling plaster, damp walls up to one meter off of the floor, and salt deposits are all signs that your property might be suffering from rising damp.
  • Black mould, droplets on the walls and windows, and peeling wallpaper all indicate that you might have a problem with condensation.
  • Damp patches on your walls, watermarks, damp brickwork, and musty smells are telling signs that you could have a problem with penetrating damp.

How Rising Damp is Treated

surveyor carrying out damp survey

A surveyor carrying out a damp survey

Rising damp is a problem that can affect any kind of property, caused by the bricks at the base of a properties walls drawing moisture within them from the ground beneath, with the moisture then moving upwards within the walls due to a process known as capillary action.

Usually, buildings are fitted with a damp proof course which puts a stop to the moisture travelling upwards, but in cases where this protection is either damaged or not correctly installed our surveyors can either outline how the DPC can be fixed, or if another damp proof course needs to be installed to protect the property.

How Penetrating Damp is Treated

Penetrating damp is caused when a damage or defect with a properties constructed elements (like the masonry or plumbing) is faulty, and water makes it inside the property as a result. This could mean something like:

  • Defective or faulty guttering
  • Improperly sealed windows
  • Failing pointing

Basically, any defect that allows moisture to enter your property where it shouldn’t be is a potential cause of rising damp. If rising damp is the suspected cause of damp in your property, our surveyor will undertake a thorough investigation to ascertain what precisely is causing the penetrating damp from occurring, how to put a stop to it, and what can be done to stop it from happening again in the future.

This kind of damp can mean that our team may need to involve a third party to help rectify the penetrating damp. A plumber for faulty pipes, a bricklayer for pointing etc. However, once the problem has been treated, there is a massively reduced risk of penetrating damp in your property in the future.

Condensation Control

The nasty affect untreated condensation can have in your basement!

Condensation is a different problem compared to the other two forms of damp, as it most often caused by the lack of ventilation within the property itself. Condensation is actually one of the most common forms of damp in Prestonpans, and whilst its main cause is a lack of ventilation it can also come about if rising or penetrating damp is left untreated.

If there is an increased amount of moisture within the air in your property, it needs to be ventilated before that moisture drops in temperature and it comes to rest on your properties walls or windows. Over time, that resting moisture can create the perfect home for black mould, and even give way to penetrating damp.

To prevent condensation, the harmful black mould, and other property care problems it can pose, our surveyors will determine how serious the condensation problem is, and what actions should be taken by those living in the property to help alleviate the problem, and stop it from occurring again in the future.

Dry Rot Treatment


Dry rot is a common problem in Prestonpans, and if discovered, will require the help of a property care company for its safe removal, as well as the restoration of your property following the dry rot treatment.

Dry rot can affect any kind of property, and could be a serious cause of damage if ignored and allowed to fester. It’s caused by the timber in a property having a moisture content above twenty percent – so if you have noticed a definite damp infestation in your property, you could well have dry rot too.

Treating Dry Rot

Timberwise surveyors are experienced with dry rot, and can easily identify it within your property on a visit. Once the dry rot has been identified and established, the treatment of the dry rot can begin. This includes removing the affected timber, applying the selected treatment to any remaining timber that has been in contact or near affected wood, and then repairing or replacing timber that needs attention once the dry rot has been removed.

If you want specialist help with dry rot in your property, get in touch with our team either online, or by calling 01875 580139.

How Our Prestonpans Damp Proofing Specialists Carry Out Surveys

If you suspect that your property might be suffering from damp, dry rot, woodworm, or any property care related issue, then its important you get in touch with our locally based Prestonpans team quickly.

A survey with one of our team will involve an experienced surveyor checking your property for signs of damp, woodworm, or for whatever problem you suspect might be afflicting your property. Once completed, we can recommend a course of action, and our team can get to work on repairing and treating your property at your convenience, to resolve any damp or property care based problem you might have.

Why Choose the Timberwise Team in Prestonpans?

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Timberwise is a business renowned for its expertise within the property care industry, and Prestonpans is an area known for wet weather. Damp is prevalent, and there is no one better suited to offer expert service with local knowledge than our team.

If you need a trustworthy, reputable company on your side when your property develops a fault, do not hesitate to call us. Our team can get out to you, survey your property and begin treatment all with the minimum of fuss and downtime.

We have a long list of industry accreditations with awarding bodies such as the PCA, Which? Trusted Traders, Checkatrade and Constructionline, who have all recognised our dedication to excellence and trustworthiness within the property care industry.

Combine that with over fifty years of experience and knowledge within the property care industry, as well as over 450 reviews from customers across several of the most influential reviewing platforms available, and it would be hard to call our service anything other than industry leading.

We pride ourselves on our customers receiving the best possible care and experience from the first call, right through to the completion of the job. If you need our help, just call 01875 580139.

Where in the Prestonpans Area Do Our Team Cover?

Our head office for our Scottish branches is based in Glasgow, with our Prestonpans location itself situated in Cockenzie. If you are in Prestonpans, East Lothian or Midloathian, and need our help, our coverage extends to:

  • Dunbar
  • Haddington
  • Oldhamstocks
  • prestonkirk
  • Spott
  • Yester
  • Cockpen
  • Cranston
  • Dalkeith
  • Newton
  • West Calder
  • Kirkliston

If your area is not listed above don’t worry, you can still contact our team and we will let you know if cover your area. Timberwise is a nationwide company so we are sure to be able to help.

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If your property in Prestonpans is suffering from damp, rot or woodworm then don’t hesitate to contact our team to book a survey or for free advice on what your best option is by simply calling 01875 580139 or contacting us online.

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