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Timberwise are one of the leading damp proofing specialists in Stirling and provide damp treatment, dry rot treatment and woodworm treatment for both residential and commercial properties.

We have been providing our services for over 50 years and our surveyors and technicians are qualified by the Property Care Association giving you peace of mind that they are experts in their field. Timberwise will make sure that from start to finish all the work will be carried out to the highest standard possible.

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Why Do You Need Damp Proofing?

We have a team of specialists providing damp proofing services for properties across Stirling and the surrounding areas. Dampness in a house can occur for a number of reasons which can include: the existing damp proof course becoming damaged, structural defects outside of the property leading to damp problems and poor ventilation within your property that can lead to condensation issues.

Leaving a damp problem can only lead to further problems such as wet rot and dry rot. While wet rot tends to affect one particular area of timber, dry rot can spread to other areas within the property.

This type of wood rotting fungi can be difficult to treat and can cause serious damage to your property. To help make sure dry rot and wet rot do not occur at your property, you should contact a damp proofing specialist as soon as possible.

How Our Stirling Team Carry Out a Damp Survey

surveyor carrying out damp survey

When contacting one of our damp teams in Stirling, they will explain that the first step to treating dampness is to have a damp survey carried out. A damp survey involves a qualified damp surveyor carrying out a full in-depth inspection of the property to identify what type of damp problem it is.

Once the surveyor has conducted the survey, they will provide a detailed report explaining what treatments are necessary to not only treat the problem but to also prevent it from occurring again in the future.

The most common method of treatment for rising damp, for example, is to install a remedial damp proof course.  All our treatments at Timberwise come with long term guarantees, giving you that peace of mind that the work will be carried out to a high standard.

How to Treat Your Property in Stirling for Woodworm

Woodworm is a problem that a number of property owners in Stirling are facing. Woodworm infestations are sometimes difficult to identify as the wood boring insects are only visible towards the end of their lifecycle.

Having a survey carried out by one of our qualified woodworm specialists in Stirling is the best option to start the process of getting rid of your beetle infestation. The surveyor will be able to correctly identify the type of beetle infestation and detail what treatment should be used.

Dry Rot Treatments in Stirling

Dry rot as highlighted earlier can cause serious structural damage to your property. This is why it is important to contact a highly qualified expert who can assess where the moisture is coming from that has caused the dry rot outbreak. Dry rot will only occur in timbers when there is a moisture content of over 20%. So, once the source of the dampness has been identified by the surveyor and rectified then the dry rot treatment works can be carried out.

We have a team of highly qualified technicians who are available to carry out effective and efficient dry rot treatments to make sure your dry rot problem is sorted once and for all.

Why Choose the Timberwise Team in Stirling?

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Here at Timberwise, we are accredited with Checkatrade, Which? Trusted Traders, The Property Care Association, Construction Line and many more companies so you can trust that your property is in good hands.

Our surveyors are certified with both CSRT and CSSW qualifications meaning they have extensive knowledge in both identifying damp and timber problems and providing expert advice on the best treatments to rectify the problem.

What Areas of Stirling Do Our Team Cover?

Based in Stirling our team of local surveyors and technicians are on hand to help you with our full range of property care services. So, if you have a damp problem that needs urgent attention or looking for a damp and timber report on a property, then our team are ready to help.

If your area is not listed above don’t worry, you can still contact our team and we will let you know if cover your area. Timberwise is a nationwide company so we are sure to be able to help.

Contact Our Damp Proofing Specialists in Stirling

If your property is suffering from damp and timber problems and you are need a damp proofing specialist based in Stirling, then Timberwise are here to help. To get in touch with your local team you can contact us online or call us on 01786 357627.

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Damp and Timber issues? call us on 01786 357 627 or

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