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We are one of the leading damp proofing specialists in Brighton. Timberwise has over 50 years of experience in providing a number of treatments to cure and prevent rising damp, condensation and penetrating damp from your occurring at your property.

Damp has become a real problem for properties across the UK and especially for the Brighton area. Brighton is located on the South Coast of England and it is a seaside resort. The typical weather throughout the year in Brighton is that the winter months e.g. October to January have the highest levels of rainfall.

The average rainfall on the seafront is 740 millimetres and 1,000 millimetres at the top of South Downs which is located above Brighton. Where there are high levels of rainfall, dampness can cause the most damage to your property.

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Damp Problems Affecting Properties in Brighton

There are so many homes and businesses being affected, we always recommend a damp proofing specialist to provide an inspection to ensure your property is treated correctly.

There are 3 types of damp can cause potential damage to your home and these are:

  • Rising damp
  • Condensation
  • Penetrating Damp

If damp is occurring at your property in Brighton, then it is important to treat the issue as earlier as possible as the issue can manifest itself into more serious issues such as wet rot and dry rot which can cause serious damage to your building.

Rising Damp

Signs of Rising Damp at Brighton property

Rising damp usually occurs in older buildings when there is no damp proof course installed or if it has become damaged. Most modern homes have a damp proof course installed, but it always best to have a damp proof specialist to have a double check to see if the damp wall treatment was correctly installed.

Rising damp is also caused where the ground level around the property has risen due to the addition of a new driveway or path. The moisture will only reach a certain level on the wall at around 1 metre. The water contains salts which draw moisture from the air and is then deposited onto the wall. The signs that you may have rising damp are:

  • Wallpaper peeling off the wall
  • Black mould
  • Damp marks up to 1 metre in height also known as tide marks
  • Wall will feel damp to touch


Brighton property suffering from condensation

Condensation is one of the most common forms of damp and can affect all types of properties both old to new.  Condensation occurs from day to day activities such as cooking, washing and taking showers etc.

Condensation usually affects your property in Brighton during the winter months, this largely due to residents keeping their windows closed, meaning the moisture isn’t ventilated out of the building but onto the windows and walls. The signs of that you may have condensation in your property are:

  • Black spot mould
  • Damp musty smell
  • The window sills will rot, if they are wooden
  • Wallpaper will start to peel

Penetrating Damp

Brighton building suffering from penetrating damp

For penetrating damp to occur in your property in Brighton, your property is more than likely poorly maintained with damaged rainwater goods. When there is heavy rainfall and you have blocked gutters, the moisture will fail to evaporate, this will the water to pass through the inner surface of the wall.

Timberwise offers a number of treatments including WeatherTek which provides protection against moisture entering the property. There are some notable signs of penetrating damp are:

  • Water damage to the inner walls of the building
  • Damp musty smell
  • Black spot mould
  • Timber will be damp, this can lead to a wood rotting fungus to occur


What Goes Our Brighton Damp and Timber Survey?

When you are looking to buy a property in you will be asked to have a damp and timber report. To ensure that the property you are looking to purchase has no timber and damp issues the real estate company states you contact a Brighton damp specialist to conduct the survey.

Our high qualified surveyors will provide a full inspection of the property both the interior and exterior areas of the property. Once the survey has been completed, the surveyor will then provide the damp and timber report explaining all the property care problems found and the treatments that could be used to prevent and treat the issue.

Areas With Cover in Brighton

We cover a number of areas surrounding area around the Brighton including: Adelaide, Aldrington, Brunswick, Elm Grove, Hove, Mile Oak, Ovingdean, Patcham, Queen’s Park and many more. We ensure that from the initial call to the end of the project we will ensure that the process will be at a very high standard.

Contact Our Damp Specialists in Brighton

Timberwise has over 50 years of experience in providing damp treatment in Brighton. Dampness can occur in both new and older properties and it is often misdiagnosed with each other.

We also have a number of accreditations associated with Timberwise as we are members of the Property Care Association, Which? Trusted Traders and the Basement Waterproofing Association. Our surveyors in the South East are both CSRT and CSSW qualified which ensures that they are highly skilled timber and damp treatment.

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If you leave your damp problem to manifest then the potential costs will greatly increase not just on your property but also impact upon your health. Get in touch with our team today by calling 01273 634 910 or clicking the link below.

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