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We have a team damp proof specialists in Oxford who are experts in providing treatments for all damp issues including rising damp, condensation and penetrating damp. We also provide services in woodworm treatment and dry rot treatment.

Our highly qualified Oxford surveyors and technicians can provide a full inspection of the property on the best procedure to get rid of damp, treat the affected timber from wood rot and woodworm. We also provide structural waterproofing solutions to your damp basement problem.

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An Overview and the Damp Problems that Occur in Oxford

Oxford is a city that is based in the South East of England. The city is the basis for its prestigious university which was built in the 12th century. It is the oldest University in the English speaking world and there 38 colleges surrounding the University of Oxford.

The city has a population of 150,000 and the main industries being car manufacturing and making vehicle parts. Oxford also has a biotech industry in the area.

Towards the centre of the city, the type of housing is normally Victorian and terraced housing. This type of housing is susceptible to rising damp due to the property either having a failed damp proof course or not having a damp proofing solutions in place.

Older housing can also be prone to other damp problems such as penetrating damp through poorly maintained external defects.

Damp Proofing From Our Specialists in Oxford

There are 3 main types of damp issues that can cause problems to your property and these are: rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation. Rising damp can occur due to no damp proofing course being put into place which means that the groundwater has found its way to your building through the stonework.

Oxford surveyor inspecting for damp issues

Oxford surveyor inspecting for damp issues

Penetrating damp occurs due to poor maintenance of the property. An example of this is that if there were heavy rainfall and your property has damaged guttering then water would penetrate through the property.

Condensation is a problem that can occur where the warm moist air cannot leave the property and lands on a cold surface.

One of the recent projects Timberwise has carried out was at Oxford University, where there was dampness below ground and our damp proofing experts were on hand to meet the customer’s needs. The building’s walls and floors were susceptible to dampness due to the age of the building means the walls will continue to rot over time.

The surveyors assessing the building found that the best solution to solving the dampness issue in the building was by installing an internal cavity membrane and perimeter drainage channel. Once both waterproofing systems were both installed the customer was left with a dry basement to use for extra living space.

Damp and Timber Survey With Our Oxford Team

Having either damp, dry rot and woodworm affect your property in Oxford can be a daunting task to deal with. Having a qualified property care surveyor inspect your property is essential to sorting out the damp and timber problem fully.

When looking to sell or buy a property the real estate company will ask for your property to have a damp and timber survey carried out.

Survey conducting a timber and damp survey in Oxford

Survey conducting a timber and damp survey in Oxford

Having a damp and timber survey carried out will ensure that all your damp and timber issues will be checked at your property in Oxford. By requesting a survey online the qualified surveyor will provide a full inspection of the property assessing all areas for any potential problems.

Dampness can occur for a number of reasons from poor property maintenance to not having a damp proof course in place. All the information regarding the treatment of the timber and damp issue will be covered in the damp and timber report.

If there are works that need to be carried out such as the installation of a damp proofing course or a tanking system, the costs will be explained by the surveyor.

Contact Our Oxford Damp Proofing Specialists

Do you have damp and timber problems occurring in your property? Get in touch with our damp proofing experts in Oxford who can provide invaluable knowledge and understanding of property care. Our highly qualified surveyors can diagnose the problems effectively and recommend the best damp and woodworm treatment for you and your property.

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We have over 50 years of experience in treating properties in the Oxfordshire area. Timberwise are members of the PCA, Basement Waterproofing Association and Which? Trusted Traders. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our timber and damp experts by simply calling 01865 389 720 or booking a survey online.

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