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Damp Proofing in Barnstaple

Having damp proofing in Barnstaple carried out correctly is vital to ensuring that the damp problem is fixed and will not return again in the future.

At Timberwise, we are one of the leading damp proofing companies in the South West and we pride ourselves on carrying out the best service for all of our customers in Barnstaple.

Importance Of Having a Damp Proof Specialist

Damp is a serious problem facing property owners in Barnstaple and there are a number of damp proofing solutions to rectify the problem.

The first step to treating the damp problem is to book a survey with a damp proof specialist who is fully qualified. Our specialists are PCA approved in both CRST and CTSB qualifications, which means they are qualified to treat both damp and timber problems and waterproofing issues.

It is important to have a qualified professional to inspect your property due to the fact if there is any wrong identification of damp e.g. penetrating damp confused with condensation, this can lead to expensive treatments having to be made to sort out the damp problem out.

Damp Survey in Barnstaple

Once you have booked a survey from one of our specialists in Barnstaple, they will conduct a full damp inspection at the property. This will entail assessing all areas of the property from the basement to the loft.

The surveyor will check if there is any damp proofing already in place and if there is, they will check to see if it is working sufficiently. For example, if the damp proof course (DPC) has become damaged then the surveyor will explain that a new DPC will need to be installed into the walls to stop the risk of rising damp causing damage.

The Bristol damp proofing surveyor will also assess what the causes of the damp problem are. Once the cause of the damp problem has been found then the specialist can advise, in a detailed report, what the best treatment is.

Damp Proofing Solutions in Barnstaple

Every damp problem is different and there are a variety of damp proofing solutions that can be carried out to fix the problem. Condensation can affect any type of property, whether it is a new build or property built before the 1950s. The main solution to fixing this type of damp issue is to improve the airflow in and out of the property. This can be from simply opening doors and windows to installing extractor fans in the bathroom and kitchen of your house.

To resolving penetrating damp. involves diagnosing where the damp problem has originated from. Predominately, penetrating damp issues occur from the building having external defects (damaged gutters or roofs) that need fixing.

Rising damp, the most complicated damp issue to fix and will need a damp specialist to explain what the best option is. Having a damp proof course or damp proof membrane are the most efficient methods of treating rising damp.

Areas That Our Barnstaple Team Covers

Timberwise have been covering Barnstaple and the surrounding areas for over 50 years. We also accredited with Which? Trusted Trader, Check a Trade and the Basement Waterproofing Association. To ensure you can trust in our works we offer long term guarantees on all of our work. The list of the areas we cover outside of Barnstaple are the following:

  • Okehamptom,
  • Tiverton,
  • Parkham
  • Devon.

Speak to our Damp Proofing Specialists in Barnstaple

If you believe your property in Barnstaple might be suffering from either damp or timber problems then it is always best to contact a timber and damp specialist. You can get in touch with our team by calling 01271 308043 or you can request a survey online and the team at Timberwise will be in touch with you to talk through your problems and arrange a convenient time for us to pay a visit.

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