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At our Bath branch we are leading contractors in damp proofing, timber treatments and structural waterproofing. We have a reputation that has been built over 50 years for high-quality service and a great standard of professionalism.

Timberwise understands that your property needs protecting against dry rot, woodworm and damp. We have a vast amount of experience in the property preservation industry and are able to treat all types of properties from small terraced housing to large commercial buildings.

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Damp Problems Affecting Properties in Bath

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Bath is based in the south west of England, these areas are prone to storms from the North Atlantic ocean. Heavy rainfall has led to flooding in the past and still is a problem now. During the winter months, Bath has the most rainfall so there is potential for penetrating damp to occur.

Bath is known for its historical architecture including the Bath Abbey and has a population of more than 80,000. The Roman spa town has the most stunning architecture with its long history you can see why this is a beautiful setting to live in. With the historical buildings there comes the potential of damp issues occurring.

The Georgian buildings have been hit by plenty of bad weather throughout the years and with poor building maintenance such as leaking pipes all lead to potential damp problems. If the damp problem is left untreated for a long period of time then the dampness can evolve into more problematic issues such as wet rot and dry rot.

With so many residents living in these period properties, it is essential that get in touch with a specialist damp proofer to take care of your property.

Damp Proofing Case Study in Bath

A recent project carried out by the Timberwise team was to carry out a timber and damp survey on a property constructed in the 19th century. From the survey, the surveyor noticed that the property was affected by all forms of damp: penetrating, rising damp and condensation. The surveyor all noticed from the external inspection that the property had no damp proof course in place or remedial treatment put in place.

The Bath surveyor advised that in order to treat rising damp in the building an electro osmotic damp proofing system should be put in place. The system works by providing an electronic current into the wall of the building which acts a barrier to stop the damp from rising damp.

What Goes into a Bath Damp Survey?

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If you believe that you might have damp occurring in your home then it is best to get in touch with a qualified damp proof specialist to provide an inspection. Once you have contacted a specialist then the surveyor will provide a full inspection for both interior and exterior walls of property for signs of damp. Once the dampness has been spotted, the causes for the damp problem occurring will be assessed to see how it can be rectified.

There are a number of reasons for damp to affect your property, from having no damp proof course in place to the lack of ventilation issues. Once the causes for the dampness have been outlined, the solutions will be put forward to the property owner along with the cost and the timescale for the completion of the works.

Trusting Our Damp Proof Specialists in Bath

Timberwise are on one of the leading experts for providing damp proofing solutions in the Bath and the surrounding areas. As we have already discussed older buildings are prone to damp but whatever property you are living in you are always at risk to damp problems.

Our team take pride in providing excellent customer satisfaction and helpful advice on all work carried out. We offer long term guarantees on all work so you can be satisfied that our work will be produced to a very high standard. We are all also accredited to be members of the Property Care Association, Which? Trusted Trader and Basement Waterproofing Association. Don’t take our word for it check out our great reviews on Reviews.co.uk

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At our Bath branch our damp proofing experts are on hand to provide the very best treatments for all your timber and damp issues. Not treating to your damp problem immediately can have heavy cost implications but can also provide problems to your health. Get in contact with our experts to ensure your property is free from damp issues by calling 01225 459 802 or by filling our request a survey form above.

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