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We are leading damp specialists in Bournemouth for treating wood rot, damp, black mould and water ingress issues. We have been treating these issues for over 50 years so you can be assured that your property is in good hands. Our team will identify the cause of the damp and timber problem in your property and provide the necessary damp treatments.

We take great pride in all of our work from the initial contact with our customer services team to the damp and timber treatment being carried out at your property in Bournemouth.

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Damp Problems in the Bournemouth area

Predominately Bournemouth is an old town with most of the housing that was built before 1919 which are more prone to damp problems. This is due to old properties not building built with a damp proof course.

Bournemouth can be susceptible to river and coastal flooding with there being flooding incidents in 2008 and 2011. There has also been an increasing amount of heavy rainfalls with the effects of climate change could see more potential risk of flooding in the future.

To treat the aftermath of flood damage our team will install a damp proofing course to minimise any effects that flooding damage could have on the timber of your property. We provide our property care services for a number of areas around Bournemouth including Christchurch, Poole and Ferndown.

How Damp Proofing is Carried Out by Our Bournemouth Team?

We have an experienced team of PCA approved damp proofing specialists in Bournemouth who are on hand to treat your all damp problems. We have a range of highly effective and preventative damp proofing systems to make sure that your property is not only treated from damp issues but protected from occurring again in the near future.

Rising Damp Treatment

Technician installing Damp Proof CourseTechnician installing damp-proof course at a property in Bournemouth

Rising damp is the least common damp issue to occur at your property, compared to both penetrating damp and condensation, but still, it is an issue that needs to be rectified.

The most common cause for rising damp is if the damp-proof course at your house has broken down or the surrounding ground has bridged the damp proof course.

To treat rising damp, the solutions that will be suggested by a qualified surveyor will be to fix the existing damp course or for a new one to be installed.

Penetrating Damp Treatment

Penetrating damp is most common in households when there are heavy periods of wet weather. The reason for this is that if there are structural issues at your property such as damaged rainwater goods, then this will allow water to seep its way through from the outer walls of the property to the inside of the building. When this occurs this will leave damp patches on the walls.

The common form of treatment for penetrating damp is fixing the initial structural repair problem.

Condensation Solutions

Condensation is the most common of all the damp issues that can occur in your property in Bournemouth. The biggest cause for condensation is simply people carrying out day to day activities such as cooking and bathing.

When carrying out those activities we have just mentioned, this provides a build of warm moisture-laden air in the property and if there isn’t sufficient ventilation then the warm air condenses onto a cold surface and thus starting the build-up of condensation.

If you have a condensation survey then the surveyor will suggest making improvements to your daily lifestyle by adding ventilation systems in the areas of the property where the build-up of warm moist air occurs the most.

Having a Damp Survey With Timberwise

Booking a damp survey in Bournemouth with our team will ensure that a full inspection will be made at the property. Both the exterior and interior areas of the property will be assessed for timber and damp issues.

Once the inspection has been completed, a report will be sent to the customer detailing if there were any problems found and what the next best course of action should be undertaken.

Our surveyors based in Bournemouth are highly qualified by the PCA (Property Care Association) and have extensive knowledge in the property care and preservation industry so if you have any questions the surveyors will be happy to answer them.

Woodworm Treatment in Bournemouth

If woodworm is affecting your property in Bournemouth, then having an inspection from a qualified surveyor will ensure that the type of woodworm beetle is correctly identified. Our team will then apply the specific woodworm treatment to kill the wood-boring insect from your property.

Woodworm damage at a property in Bournemouth

Woodworm damage at a property in Bournemouth

Need To Contact a Timber and Damp Specialist?

If you are looking for highly experienced professionals to treat your timber or damp issue then don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Timberwise team today. Our timber and damp specialists in Bournemouth have over 50 years of experience in treating property care issues.

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We have accreditations with the likes of the Property Care Association, Which? Trusted Traders and Basement Waterproofing Association meaning that all work will be of the highest quality.

To get in touch with us you can call us on 01202 348 205 or you can contact us online.

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