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At Timberwise, our damp specialists in Bristol are highly qualified professionals who identify the cause of damp in homes and provide the correct solution to not only stopping the damp problem but also to prevent it from occurring in the future.

Our team in Bristol, are fully qualified by the Property Care Association (PCA) to assess the damp and timber problem and provide expert advice on how the issue can be rectified.

As the leading damp proofing, basement waterproofing, woodworm specialists in Bristol we pride ourselves on providing a high-quality customer service.

We are a qualified and reputable damp proofing company and have accreditations with recognisable organisations in the property care industry such as Which? Trusted Traders, The Property Care Association, Checkatrade and the Basement Waterproofing Association.

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Types of Damp Problems Affecting Properties in Bristol

In order to treat the damp problem facing your property in Bristol, it is important to understand what are the different types of damp are:

Rising damp in Bristol

Rising damp is the less common form of damp issues that can be found at properties. Rising damp is most prominent in older buildings where the damp proof course has become damaged or there is already one in place.

If your building is suffering from rising damp the most noticeable signs are:

  • Tidemark of 1.5m on the walls
  • Walls will feel damp when touched
  • Musty damp smell

If your property has no damp treatment in place or the damp proofing has been installed incorrectly then get in touch with one of our specialists to carry out a survey at the property.

Penetrating Damp in Bristol

Penetrating damp is a damp issue that is caused by poor maintenance of the property. When there are periods of heavy rainfall and you have damaged or blocked rainwater goods the moisture will fail to evaporate, and therefore, penetrates through the walls of the building.

Penetrating damp can become a serious issue if the moisture starts to affect the timbers as this can cause wet rot or dry rot which causes structural damage. If you see the following signs then there is a possibility you have penetrating damp:

  • Water damage to the inner walls
  • Damp musty smell
  • Damaged timber from damp moisture conditions

A perfect example of how dampness can cause serious damage to properties if left untouched for a long period of time. Back in January 2019, Bristol Live published an article stating a mans’s home became so damp for so long the ceiling collapsed.

This is why when you first notice any signs of damp then don’t hesitate to contact a damp proofing specialist.

How Damp Proofing is Carried Out By Our Bristol Specialists

Our damp specialists in Bristol in providing advice on what type of damp proofing solution should be used. Our surveyors are Certified by the PCA so you can trust that our surveyors have knowledge about how to treat damp from your property.

Damp proofing treatments will prevent water from being absorbed through the walls and entering through the interior spaces of the property.

If the water is allowed to pass through the fabric of the walls this can potentially lead to structural damage.

Damp Proofing installed at a Bristol property

Damp Proofing installed at a Bristol property

We provide a number of damp treatments here at Timberwise including electro-osmosis, WeatherTek and The DryTek Damp Proofing System. Installing a damp proof course is the most common form of treatment that is used to stop dampness affecting your properties.

However, the type of damp protection does depend on where the moisture has originated from.

Having a Timber and Damp Survey in Bristol

If you are looking to purchase a property in the Bristol area then you might be asked to require a damp and timber report. At Timberwise, we are here to help to resolve this issue for you.

It is important to contact a fully qualified Bristol damp and timber surveyor. We have visited many properties in the past where there has been a misdiagnosis of a damp problem, and this has meant the issue has caused further damage to the property.

Finding out the cause of the damp issue is essential for efficient damp proofing to be carried out.

Man inspecting a drainpipe outside a house

At Timberwise, our Bristol damp surveyors are fully qualified professionals and are certified in both remedial treatment and waterproofing which means they carry out a comprehensive survey when visiting your property.

If you book a damp and timber survey with Timberwise, one of our surveyors will provide a full inspection at the property for any property care issues that could be occurring.

The surveyor will inspect both the interior and exterior areas of the property for any signs of dry rot, woodworm and damp which could be from black spot mould to rotten timbers.

Woodworm Treatment in Bristol

Woodworm infestation causes problems across properties in Bristol and can be rectified by our damp and timber team. Our Bristol surveyors can perform in-depth woodworm survey to outline the type of woodworm beetle and the level of infestation you are experiencing in your home.

Our Bristol team will assist you throughout the process and provide a quick, informative solution.

Bristol Dry Rot Specialists

Dry rot is a type of wood rotting fungus which digests the wood that gives a building structural stability. Our Bristol based dry rot specialists are experts in identifying wood rot within your home and then providing professional treatment to treat, eradicated the wood rot from the property.

Previous Work Carried Out the Bristol Team

An example of work carried out by our experts in Bristol was that Timberwise were contacted by concerned homeowners to inspect a property that was believed to have dry rot. To confirm the suspicions our experts inspected the property both internally and externally.

Bristol surveyor inspecting floorboards for dry rot

It transpired that moisture had entered the fabric of the building, providing the perfect breeding grounds for fungal decay to attack the timbers that were built into the adjacent damp walls.

Internally our team discovered that the dry rot had caused structural damage affecting the floor timbers, floorboards and skirting. The work to bring the property back to its former glory included to stripping out and replacing all the affected timbers and applying fungicidal paste and fluids to treat the remaining timbers such bearing ends.

Contact Our Damp and Timber Specialists in Bristol

If timber and damp problems are causing issues at your property then getting in touch with our damp proofing specialists in Bristol is the best course of action to ensuring the issue does not occur again.

Having a damp survey from our Bristol team will not only ensure that the problem is eradicated from the property but with our long term guarantees, you can be left assured that your property is in safe hands.

You can simply book a timber and damp survey or ask for free advice by contacting Timberwise on 0117 322 6512 or via our online form.

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