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Dampness can occur in all areas of the UK and is also a real problem in areas of Cheltenham. Assessing the root cause of the damp problem is the key to remediating the issue. We have a number of damp proofing specialists in Cheltenham who are hand to providing the correct treatments for your specific damp problem.

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Are Cheltenham Properties Vulnerable to Damp?

Having damp is a serious problem facing homeowners across Cheltenham. The large majority of rainfall usually falls in the months of June and July.

Penetrating Damp

When there are large periods of heavy rainfall, penetrating damp can occur due to damaged rainwater goods (gutters) not being able to evaporate rainwater out of the brick. If the moisture fails to evaporate the water will pass through the inner surface of the wall.


Condensation will affect all types of properties but it is also easiest to control. Condensation is caused by having poor circulation in the property.

If there are rooms in the building where there is a lot of warm air, such as the bathroom or kitchen, and this air can’t escape, warm air will land on a cold surface and water droplets will form.

Simply adding extractor fans and opening windows can help circulate fresh air in and out of the property. If you are suffering from black mould spots on the walls then you can purchase mould kits that can sort the problem out.

Rising Damp

Rising damp usually occurs in older properties where there is no damp proof course in place at the property or the ground levels that surround the property has risen above the damp course.

When this occurs, the water rises up from the ground and then evaporates onto the wall around 1 metre in height. This form of dampness is less common in Cheltenham properties and is often wrongly diagnosed with water ingress.

We would advise having one of our damp specialists in Cheltenham provides an inspection at the property. The surveyor will be able to assess the cause of the damp problem and the type of treatment needed to rectify the issue.

How A Damp Survey Is Carried Out?

If you suspect that your property in Cheltenham may be suffering from damp then having a damp survey is the first step to treating the problem.

It is also important that you contact a fully qualified damp surveyor to carry out an inspection of the property to ensure that your damp problem is not misdiagnosed. If the problem is wrongly identified and the wrong treatment is used then this can lead to further damage to the property and expensive costs to fix the problem.

A qualified surveyor will instead inspect all areas of the property and correctly identify what type of damp problem is causing damage to the building. The surveyor will also assess where the moisture has originated from and provide details on what damp proofing will be needed.

Previous Work Carried Out by Our Cheltenham team

Here at Timberwise, we like to showcase examples of work carried out by our teams. In one recent case, an insurance company contacted Timberwise Cheltenham to visit a property that showed signs of dampness and fungal decay in a bathroom.

From the initial survey, it was apparent that the water leak had been on-going for some considerable period of time which had allowed problems to occur behind the scenes.

Water was found in other parts of the property as a direct result of the water ingress allowed by a faulty bath seal. All the wet rot infected timbers were replaced and precautionary treatments applied to the remaining timbers.

To find out more about this wet rot project and for other examples of case studies click here.

Areas Our Cheltenham Branch Covers

Our Cheltenham team provides damp and timber services for types of properties from a small terraced house to a large commercial building in the Cheltenham area.

If your area is not listed below then there is no need to worry we have experienced surveyors that cover all areas that surround Cheltenham. The other areas that we cover are the following:

  • Gloucester
  • Stroud
  • Swindon
  • Cirencester

Contact Our Team in Cheltenham

Having damp issues can be a real problem for homeowners and commercial property owners so at Timberwise we are here to help. You can contact our timber and damp specialists in Cheltenham who will provide expert advice and guidance on what the best solution is to getting rid of your timber and damp problem.

Call us today on 01242 639 472 or request a survey online by filling out the form.

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