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We have been providing our damp proofing services in Exeter for over 50 years. We help customers across the Exeter area who are suffering from penetrating damp, condensation and rising damp, that their property is not treated but also prevented from further issues in the future.

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Is Your Property in Exeter Affected By Damp?

Having damp problems is a common issue for property owners living in the Exeter area. Houses that stand on damp soil are more susceptible to rising damp and penetrating damp issues. Rising damp will occur if the external ground levels around the property have been raised above the damp proof course. The moisture will rise up the walls and evaporate approximately 1 metre from the ground.

Penetrating damp can occur from poor property maintenance such as blocked gutters and roof damage. Moisture will penetrate through the walls through building defects which can be rectified by a roofer or builder.

Condensation is a common damp problem that can affect any property and is normally caused by poor ventilation. When warm moisture in the air lands onto a cold surface such as a wall or a window this will cool quickly and release water and will leave water droplets onto the cold surface.

There are a number of signs that your property in Exeter is affected by damp and these are the following:

  • Walls will feel damp to touch
  • The plaster will be crumbling
  • Mould will be present on the walls
  • Salt deposits on the wall

If you have noticed any of the following signs of damp then contact our damp proofing specialists in Exeter. We have over 50 years of experience in the damp and timber industry and we will be sure to provide a full inspection of the property to reduce and prevent damp issues.

What to expect from our Exeter Damp Proofing Surveyors

If you suspect that you may have damp or timber issues in your property, then a damp survey is the first step to diagnosing the problem and then eradicating the issue from the property.

Our damp specialists in Exeter have a number of solutions to solve your damp issues occurring in your property. The survey will entail a full assessment of the property to see what type of damp issue is causing problems to the building. The surveyor will look out for potential issues that can be causing damp.

This can be from inspecting to see if a damp proof course is in place or if there are potential problems that could occur in the future from dry rot or wet rot. We strive for good quality service covering both residential homeowners and commercial building owners.

We have a long-lasting relationship with all our customers and our specialist team will help you every step of the way. Be sure to check our reviews to see what our customers have to say about our work.

Contact the Damp Proofing Experts in Exeter

If you are experiencing any of the damp problems don’t hesitate to contact today our damp proofing experts in Exeter. If you do not fix the damp problem as soon as possible then this could lead to severe structural damage to property.

To get in touch with our team you can call us on 01392 300 226 or alternatively, you can request a survey online and we will be in touch to talk through your issue and arrange a convenient time for us to pay a visit.

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