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We are a specialist damp proofing company based in Turo with a team of experts on hand to get rid of any rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation issues that might be causing problems to your property. We also specialise in other range of services including waterproofing for basement and cellars, structural repairs, damp, dry rot and woodworm treatment.

Our team are fully qualified professionals who have an in-depth knowledge of property care issues that can affect your home. We have provided services for a number of projects ranging from small terraced housing to large commercial properties.

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Property Preservation Services in Truro

Truro is a city based in the Cornwall. The population in the city is at 18,766 and people from the Truro area are also known as Truroians. The climate in the area is warm and temperate with rainfall being significant even in the driest months. If there is significant rainfall then there is a high chance of dampness occurring if there isn’t right damp protection has not been put in place.

We provide damp and timber treatments across a number of areas in Truro including Camborne, Falmouth, St Austell and more throughout Truro. Our team are ideally placed to deal with your property care problems.

Types of Damp Affecting Your Property

Having a damp problem is a common issue in the Cornwall area and our team at Timberwise have the expertise to treat all your damp issues affecting your property. There are 3 types of damp problems that can cause damage to your home and these are: penetrating damp, condensation and rising damp.

If dampness in your property isn’t acted on quickly then serious damage can occur to your building and possible to your health. If the moisture content rises to above 20% then dry rot will become present and can cause structural damage to your property. If there is mould present is in your home, then this is one of the causes for asthma.

Having A Damp Survey in Truro

Surveyor inspecting property for damp

Noticing the signs of damp is the first stage to treating the damp problem. Identifying the type of damp problem can be a difficult task so having a qualified damp surveyor inspect your property would be best to ensure the problem is diagnosed correctly.

Once you have a requested a surveyor to inspect your damp and timber problem. The specialist will provide a full inspection on all aspects of the property, both the interior and exterior. The surveyor will then provide a report explaining the issues found and provide recommendations for necessary treatments to getting rid of damp from your home.

By requesting a damp survey with our Truro team you will have a fully qualified surveyor to inspect your property. Our surveyors are both Certificated in Remedial Treatment (CSRT) and Certificated in Waterproofing (CSSW) from the Property Care Association.

Timberwise provides a range of damp proofing solutions for all types of damp problems occurring in your property from The DryTek Damp Proofing System to the Timberwise Electro-Osmosis System.

looking at woodworm with a torch on a wooden beam

Woodworm Treatment in Cornwall

Woodworm can occur across all areas of England and Wales but it often a common occurrence in the Cornwall area. The specific woodworm treatment will need to be applied to the particular type of beetle to make sure the infestation doesn’t occur again in the future. There are many different types of woodworm including the common furniture beetle, powder post beetle, death watch beetle and many more.

These wood boring insects can vary in the level of damage they can cause, so a quick fix is not going to be substantial enough to get rid of the problem for good. We recommend you get in touch with one of our woodworm specialists in Cornwall for a fully qualified surveyor to conduct a survey at your property.

Truro Case Study

At Timberwise we are proud of our work in South West and our team of waterproofing experts in the South West were called upon to put their waterproofing expertise to inspect a property in Truro.

The owners of the property were looking to create a new basement room to complement the existing property and give extra living space in the form of a home cinema. Timberwise were required to provide a specialist waterproofing system to the inside of the newly formed room as well as providing a solution for a green roof. A green roof option was required by the client to mask the roof area of the new cinema and allow it to blend in with the existing landscaping of the property.

The solution to the waterproofing issue was to design and install what is known as a type C waterproofing solution. The waterproofing design specialist had involved the use of a cavity drain membrane to cover the walls and drainage channel which was fitted around the perimeter of the basement area.

Click the following link to find out more about this waterproofing project and to see examples of other case studies.

Contact Damp Proofing Specialists in Truro

Our damp specialists in Truro are qualified professionals to treat all your damp and timber issues. Our surveyors are fully certificated in remedial treatments (CSRT) and certificated in structural waterproofing (CSSW). You can be assured that the all work carried out by Timberwise will be to a high standard.

If you any of the property care issues discussed then get in touch with Timberwise by requesting a survey online or you can call our team by calling 01872 470 412.

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