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Timberwise has been treating timber and damp issues occurring in properties in both North and South Wales for over 50 years. With our network of offices, we are on hand to provide a wide variety of property care services for domestic and commercial customers alike.

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Wales Area

Wales is a country that is based on the South West coast of Great Britain and the capital city is Cardiff which is located in South Wales. The total population for the whole country is over 3.1 million people with the main destinations being Anglesey, North Wales, Brecon Beacons and Snowdonia National Park.

Wales is predominately mountainous with land over 150 metres with Snowden being the highest mountain in England and Wales at 1085 metres. Wales has a maritime climate with often cloudy, wet and windy weather however, the temperature is mild. Areas that are on high ground will experience harsh weather although the areas on the coast do enjoy some favourable weather throughout the year.

Timber and Damp Specialists in Wales

Having a Specialist Treat Your Property From Damp

Due to the harsh weather conditions that Wales can experience dampness in your property can be a common outcome of this. The types of damp that can have an impact upon your property are:

  • Penetrating damp
  • Condenstion
  • Rising damp

The most common form of damp is condensation and is usually caused by people carrying out day to day activities in their homes. This can be from drying clothes inside to having showers, this is because these types of activities increase the amount of warmth in the air in the property. If the warm air can escape the property then it will land on a cold surface such as a window or windowsill. The common symptoms of condensation are black spot mould, water droplets on windows or a damp musty smell.

Rising damp is mainly caused in older properties where there is no damp protection in place. A damp proof course is the best course of treatment to treat and prevent rising damp from your property. The signs that your property might be affected by rising damp are: there will be a tide of up to 1 metre on your wall, the wallpaper will be peeling off and a damp musty smell.

Penetrating damp occurs when there are heavy periods of rainfall and if the property is properly maintained (damaged rainwater goods) then penetrating damp can be a problem. The signs that penetrating damp is occurring in your property are that there could be some timber damage and black spot mould.

We always recommend that you contact a specialist before trying to treat the damp problem yourself, having a quick fix could leave your property having a long term problem instead. At Timberwise, we have a team with a number of years of experience and our surveyors are fully qualified when providing an inspection on the property.

Woodworm and Dry Rot Problems At Your Property

The most common form of woodworm beetle is the Common Furniture Beetle but there are a number of different types of woodworm that can cause structural damage. Wood boring insects have a 3 year lifecycle and can only be identified easily when they are near the end of the lifecycle. The signs of woodworm affecting your property are exit holes on the timber, dead beetles left on timber and frass left from the woodworm.

Dry rot is the most serious of all the property care issues that can cause damage to your home. Wood rot can cause damage to both old and new properties and is caused by damp affecting the timber. Dry rot needs to have a moisture content of over 20% for it to occur and can spread throughout the property. Dry rot is often confused with wet rot so having a specialist inspect your property is the best option for treating dry rot completely.

If you are experiencing any of the property care issues highlighted then get in touch with our team by booking a survey online. Once you have booked a survey through Timberwise then one of our surveyors will provide a full inspection of your property. The surveyor will then provide a detailed damp and timber report with all the findings that they found during the survey and what the next best step is in treating the property care issue.