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What Goes Into A Damp Survey?

What Is A Damp Survey?

A damp survey is a specific type of survey where a surveyor will inspect a property to see if there are any damp issues present in the building.

The surveyor should be CSTDB (Certificated Surveyor of Timber & Dampness in Buildings) qualified and will check the property for signs of dampness, the amount of damage that the dampness has caused as well as working out the potential cost for any remediation works that may be necessary.

A generic property survey will look at the condition of the building overall whilst damp surveys will be specific to looking at what form of damp is present (if any) and the damage it has caused to the building.

Do I Need A Damp Specialist To Carry Out The Survey?

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Ideally to carry out a damp survey you need qualified damp proofing specialists.

A damp surveyor will be able to give a very good indication of what type of damp problem is causing the issues at the property and the necessary measures that need to be put in place to treat the problem.

The surveyor will use specific tools as part of the survey such as a damp meter to measure the levels of moisture inside the inner walls of the property.

Depending on where the dampness is found the surveyor will be able to assess if you have rising damp, condensation or penetrating damp.

For example, if your property is suffering from rising damp, dampness on the wall will only appear to a height of approx. one metre from the floor.

Only by following an accurate assessment of the problem from a surveyor can the next steps to treating the damp problem be identified and the costs are for the necessary repairs calculated.

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What Goes Into a Damp Survey?

A qualified damp surveyor will:

  • Identify the type of damp issue within the property
  • Investigate the causes of damp by determining the source of moisture
  • Analyse the existing damp proof course or inspect any problems with the building structure
  • Look out for potential future problems caused as a result of damp (for example: dry rot or wet rot)
  • Provide an initial brief of what damp proofing might be needed in the property
  • Compile a written damp report detailing the issues along with what works need carrying out

What Is Included in the Damp Report?

A damp report will be sent to you via post or email. The report will be fully comprehensive and will detail all the findings that were found during the survey as well as further information found from extra research carried out.

The areas that will be highlighted in the document will describe the causes of the damp problem. Penetrating damp, for example, often occurs as a result of poor property maintenance, possibly from external defects in gutters or pipes.

The report will also provide the property owner with guidance on any visible cracking in the render coating or any damaged or missing pointing.

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Considerations will also be taken into account to cover any possible issues of damp bridging that could be occurring around the property.

As you can see, a damp report will cover all issues of damp related to your property and what measures will need to be carried out to fix the problem as you as possible.

If you are unsure of some of the findings explained in the report, it is sometimes best to contact the damp specialist directly so they can go explain everything that was found during the survey.

How Much Does a Damp Survey Cost?

Costs for a damp survey can vary depending on the size of the property and where the property is located. If you are looking to enlist the services of a fully qualified and certified surveyor then it is more than likely that you will have to pay a survey fee for the survey.

We would always recommend that when choosing a damp surveyor, it is better to choose a highly experienced surveyor rather than a cheaper inexperienced tradesman.

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This is due to the fact the tradesman might miss something during the survey, which could mean that the damp problem may be a lot worse in the future, potentially making the damp treatment more expensive.

Booking a Damp Survey with A Qualified Surveyor

Our team at Timberwise aims to provide efficient and professional damp surveys for all types of properties and ensure that the customers’ needs are met.

Timberwise has over 5 decades worth of experience and our surveyors are able to diagnose your properties specific damp problems and provide you with the appropriate solutions to rectifying any damp issues that you may have.

Our surveyors at Timberwise are Certificated Surveyors in Remedial Treatment (CSRT) giving you peace of mind that Timberwise can resolve your damp issues once and for all.

From a small terraced house through to a large commercial project Timberwise have a solution for all properties.

If you are having any damp issues with your property then the best course of action would be to book a property survey through Timberwise.

Call 0800 288 8660 or request a survey online by filling in the form down below to book an appointment for one of our surveyors in England, Wales and Scotland who will visit your property at a convenient time.